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Get your service request done faster with bidiez app,bidiez gives users new way to request service and get served by hundred of service providers ,anywhere any time.

Bidiez provide best smart solution to register for any service fromproviders by simply following three steps :

1. Post your request: Select from list of categories and add full details of your project to be served.

2. Bids : The app will automatically related bidders to allow them to send you their reply with best price for the services.

3. Connect with bidders : View the bids list and choose your best price and service and get in touch with provider easily.

Bidiez smart app allows you not only register for a service but also makes you a service provider to other users and get notified ones there is a request related to your specialty or profession,by simply choosing your production category and start receiving request from other users with limitless potentials .





Adziez is an App for you to promote your Ads, helping people
Discover getting discounts with your ad. Designed to give users a safe search
Experience, and to the companies sets a new standard for delivering relevant ads while respecting user privacy.

Adziez is Effective helping to the users searching Ads with the best discounts and give the companies the opportunity to promote their ads at the top of relevant search results and lets customers download with a single tap. It allows both companies and users, comment ads, and interact with each other.

There is also lots of great content like Ads videos, messages and others.

Adziez for Business

A Smart App to offer discounts and promotions to your potential customer. Register with adziez and get connected with people who are looking for offers.

Once the ads are published, users can view the ads on Adziez App.
Potential Customers could download the ad and reach the your company with the ad, where your company scan the QR code from the user’s downloaded ad and redeem the offer.

Get real-time customers through Adziez and also get connected with them instantly. Get reviews and rating from the users and improve your business or make it popular. Through adziez app you are receiving real-time feedback as well when you are getting ratings.

We are creating a virtual marketplace where companies can offer discounts and promotions and end users could view and use it at their fingertip in their smartphone.

Adziez will be updating with more features later to improve serving the end users. We aim for a smart future, join us and be updated.

Adziez for Users:

Find the best offers and discounts in the market in Adziez app. Choose the categories of offers you want to view and find the best deals. Download the ad you will receive a QR code for redeeming the offer. Show the QR code to the provider and get your offer and that’s it. Enjoy your shopping.


Lavanderia Laundry


Lavanderia App – Abu Dhabi’s #1 laundry & dry cleaning smart app from Lavanderia Laundry LLC.

Bringing professional & quality Laundry & Dry Cleaning to Your Door. Trusted by thousands of customers across Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Stay as smart as your phone with our app. we’ll collect, clean and deliver your clothes whenever and wherever you want.


• Track your orders in the app
• Receive Promotion Offers and Discounts
• Get reward Points and save Money!
• Cost effective subscription packages
• PUSH notifications

Currently available in Abu Dhabi and will extend soon to Dubai and Sharjah.

Did you love Lavanderia App? Kindly consider leaving a review on the App Store!

Visit our website at




Reach millions of users and become a Celebrity in seconds, iAudioz is offering a new social platform that allows registered members to become an artists and share their vocal or audio albums with other listeners around the world.
Whenever you need, what ever you’re doing, iAudioz let you reach infinite number of fans. Whether you are pop star, hip-hop fan, or jazz lover let other users listen to your extra-ordinary talents.

1. Explore trending audio feeds with your followers.
2. Search directly for feeds, tracks, artists and other users.
3. Follow friends and artists and share with them your audio feed.
4. Create your category.
5. Record your voice from your device microphone.
6. Share your Audio files directly from other app.
7.Upload from iCloud and other Drives.


iSolutions Business Portfolio


We creates a new definition of smart apps with simplicity. We are one of the top IT companies in the region. We crafts wonderful websites, develop custom smart mobile apps and design for branding.

Today, after 7 years of establishment, we continue with the quest of innovation, developing smart apps and real time systems. Our innovative spirit has spread to the new technologies. The combination of innovation and technical skills are our strength and that is what makes us different from our competitors.

Our specialists are equipped to create a dynamic online presence to promote your business on the web and mobile by developing truly functional and effective web and mobile application to serve your specific business needs, add Intranet/Extranet solution, re-develop or improve your existing system, adding functionality and effectiveness to existing infra structure. Our proven strategy and attention to details applied to our technical expertise ensures our clients robust and cost-effective solutions.
Get in touch with us for your business portfolio app.




حول تطبیق اسھل

یعتبر تطبیق اسھل من أبرز التطبیقات في مجال إیجار السیارات إذ نوفر إمكانیة إیجار سیارة في جمیع انحاء الدولة ونتعامل مع الشركات الرائدة و

نوفر أحسن الأسعار على جمیع فئات السیارات بما فیھا السیارات الفخمة و العائلیة و مركبات النقل و السیارات الأوتوماتیكیة.




Have you tried to use social media to drive your business customer? Did you ever get bored from receiving anonymous calls from fake client?, how many times you have lost your customer only because you don’t have online merchants services?

Preezers smart app provides to its users a new way to share their products easily with its social powerful platform that allows all users to add their product and sell it through the app just like any other E-commerce with its unique features that makes users become online merchants .




BalloonJumber has endless gameplay and is super addictive! The object is to fly as far as possible collecting coins without falling. The coins can be used in the store to buy powerups. Users can buy more coins within the store as In App Purchases




Summarize several paragraphs in just seconds. Summarize lets you import text, choose how many sentences your summary should be, and that’s it!


How Drunk


This app offers you BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) estimations, based on what you drink. It’s packed with awesome functionalities, like alerts when you become sober or reach the legal driving limit (even after the app is closed!) and personalisation.
Not to mention the beautiful, smooth graphics.

It supports iOS4’s new features like multitasking and calendar manipulation, so you’ll get notified when you’re sober even if the app is not running.

Feature list:
★ Comes in 3 languages: English, French and Romanian
★ Very accurate formula
★ Personalize the app for your body
★ Choose metric or imperial
★ Multiple drinks to choose from
★ Multiple measures (glasses, bottles)
★ Hustle-free repeat adding the same drinks by touching them on the list!
★ Big HUD for the BAC (you open the app and it’s there)
★ Persistent drinking session (after you close the app, the session’s still there)
★ iOS4 ready (multitasking and calendar reminders)
★ Legal limit for driving setting
★ Alert for when you’re sober (only on iOS4+)
★ Alert for when the driving limit is reached (only on iOS4+)
★ Beautiful, clean, Retina Display – ready design
★ Improved user experience
★ BAC shown in different colors, so it’s easier to follow
★ Easy to use even when you’re buzzed

The calendar alerts are available only on iOS4 and greater.

Thank you all for using this wonderful app. Please use the feedback button in the Info screen to suggest new features or fixes.
If you love this app, please share it across your friend lists, so we can continue improving it as much as we can!

Purchase this app today! It will keep you informed of your BAC levels at any time and could save you your driver’s license.





Are you kidding me?!

Have you been looking for a way to get the most awesome picture collages in the entire world? NO! The entire Universe!!!!!!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
MyPicFrame – Picture Frames For Instagram!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Beautiful, hip and elegant. My Pic Frame has all you need for your next collage.”

Imagine combining multiple photos into one, adjusting the borders, adding fx and blur to make a masterpiece! MyPicFrame is exactly what you have been looking for.

Thousands have downloaded in the last week, join us in making amazing pictures to share with our friends!

FRAME YOUR LIFE! You only live once, remember it beautifully with MyPicFrame
☆ 50 adjustable Frames
☆ 51 Photo effects to apply to each individual photo
☆ Customized vignette feature not often found in collage apps
☆ Rounded corners on photos, turn the inside or outside off or on
☆ Change the border width
☆ Shadow for each photo
☆ Rotate, zoom, pan and scale with ease

☆ Share to Instagram
☆ Share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr
☆ Share via Email or text message

If like our app, we would greatly appreciate if you can take a minute to rate and write a great review.

We are working hard on our next version, Thank you for your patience!


World Scribbler


Word Scribbler is a classical word-guessing game for all ages that could be played by a single or multi players. The game starts with a random letter and the players have to guess the name of a person, place, animal, thing and plant starting from that letter. All answers have to be provided within a minute or you lose.
The score is kept and maintained by the game for Single player mode. In multi-player, the score between different players have to be recorded manually by a scorekeeper to keep tract of the competition. Player with most points claims the throne.
Key Features:
-No limit on multiplayers – play with as many friends as you like.
-Friendly user interface
-Suitable for all ages




Like playing dice games? Try playing this popular & traditional Cuban dice game.

Have you ever play Cubilete before? Do you like playing dice games? Then try playing this very popular & traditional Cuban game of dice on your mobile device.

You can play Cubilete against 3 other simulated players on the table following the classic rules. Each player takes its turn to throw or roll the dices (configurable up to 3 rolls) setting aside any dice they want for their final hand. The player with the highest 5 of a kind hand wins (Aces are wild cards). A number of rounds are played and the winner of a game is the first to score the defined number of points (or patas).

Also you can play Poker Dice using Cubilete. Similar to the Cubilete game, each player takes its turn to roll setting aside any dice they want for their final hand. At the end of the round, the player with the best hand wins.

There are several simulated players to chose from, each with its own level of risk. Go ahead and play against all of them




اول تطبيق ذكي لنادي دبي للمعاقين لمتابعة جميع الفعاليات و الأخبار الخاصة بالنادي بالاضافة الى نتائج البطولات و المسابقات.
يمكنك التواصل معنا لمعرفة خدماتنا او لتقديم طلب التطوع في النادي.




Program (Creating Amazing from U) helps you make interactive prototype with ease. The workflow is ridiculously simple, if you can design, you can create a amazing application that can be simulated in Program.

We believe you can creating amazing in this fantastic application !

1 Make your project
2 Create pages for your project
3 Create amazing workflows on pages
4 Run your project and have fun by your mind

It’s great for professional designers. You can import your mockup images made with Photoshop or Fireworks, link them in Program, and they’ll look like the real thing.

It’s also great for anyone with an app idea. When you take pictures of paper prototypes, POP will automatically brighten up your images to make them more legible on screen.


World Scribbler (arabic)


Word Scribbler is a classical word-guessing game for all ages that could be played by a single or multi players. The game starts with a random letter and the players have to guess the name of a person, place, animal, thing and plant starting from that letter. All answers have to be provided within a minute or you lose.
The score is kept and maintained by the game for Single player mode. In multi-player, the score between different players have to be recorded manually by a scorekeeper to keep tract of the competition. Player with most points claims the throne.
Key Features:
-No limit on multiplayers – play with as many friends as you like.
-Friendly user interface
-Suitable for all ages


Analytics Tracks


Analytics Track provide access to your Flurry account as well as provide Worldwide website ranking in your mobile.

Analytic Track Provides the following features:

– See Worldwide website ranking.
– Access multiple Flurry™ accounts and companies.
– See the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly changes each of the various statistics.
– Display graphical representation of results.
– Specify your own date range for Flurry Stats.
– Find Flurry API Access Code

Analytics Track also provide iPhone or iPad Apps ranking base on his own algorithms.

Analytics Track is not affiliation with Flurry Analytics ™




iDirectory App is a searchable list of the user names, phone number and email addresses in your domain that is shared with iDirectory App users.

iDirectory is a confidential, mobile networking app that empowers you. iDirectory was engineered into the natural flow and it brings you information you need, when you need it, how you use it.

iDirectory includes:
– Contact lookup
– Call, text, or e-mail contacts
– Address is displayed
– Easy-to-use reference for looking up contacts,phone number,email or other information.




MoneyMan is a simple and elegant tool designed to help you keep track of your finances.

Key Features:
• Multiple Profiles:
Multiple users using the same app? Create separate profiles to help keep your data separate and well organized.
• Profile level password protection.
• Very easy to categorize expense/ income entries under configurable Payment Mode, Purpose and Category.
• Store digital photo receipts along with your transaction entries.
• Monthly Report:
Access monthly reports with one tap.
• Custom Report:
Generate report for a custom date range.
• Group generated reports by Category, Purpose, Payment Mode or Transaction Type.
• Instantly generate pie charts detailing the report data in a graphical format.
• CSV and HTML data export via Email.
• Monthly budgets.
• Reminders:
Set reminders for upcoming financial transactions and be reminded with iOS notifications even if the app is not running.
• Very easy to customize the app to your liking.
• Customize icons, text for existing Category, Purpose & Payment Mode.
• Add/ Delete Category, Purpose & Payment Mode.

★★★★★ “MoneyMan is super easy to use and extremely secure because it does not link your bank account.” —


Jungle Ring Toss – Free Arcade Game


You’ve never had so much fun in this jungle temple – we’ve got fun and games. Your goal is to throw rings at the poles and get them to loop on top, then slide down. If you combine colors, you’ll increase your points and move to the next level! It’s a carnival ring toss in the middle of the jungle – a unique spin on the puzzle games you’ve seen before.


– Three Game Play Modes: Easy, Medium, Master
– Awesome, 3D temple game art and graphics
– Bonus score for combos
– Smooth physics and easy touch controls


Flick your finger to toss colored rings at three poles. Build rows and columns of matching colors to score and make the rings disappear. If all poles are filled with a maximum of five rings, you’ll have to start over.

There is a preview of the next two upcoming rings. Whenever a color doesn’t fit you at all, throw that ring in the bin. This can only be done three times, but high scores will earn you more throw-aways. Different difficulty levels will produce different scores for you.

iPad owners also check out Jungle Games iPad edition!

Get ready for JUNGLE GAMES!




Work Management System (WMS) is your personal organizer for businesses of all sizes that massively contributes towards the management of projects including tasks, assignments, milestones and loads of other stuff. It has been designed and developed to provide easy management of your bulky projects with the help of few swipes and touches.
You can now manage your projects wherever you go from your favorite iOS device. All the information you need to manage your project and work things out now stay and move with you, within your pocket.
WMS helps you to be in control of your project! It’s your personal organizer that helps you set and achieve the milestones of your project.
With the Work Management System application, you can,
-Allocate resources to a project and manage their tasks.
-Set milestones – observe over a graph how your resources have performed so far against the ideal metrics.
-Maintain a budget for the whole project.
-Add, edit, and delete multiple projects.
-Personal notes – reminders and observations for easy management.
-Keep tab on the performance of individual resources.
-Lots more.
WMS could also be helpful when you have to keep track of the performances of every team member that you have assigned to the project. From within the application, you can keep records of how every individual member has contributed towards the project.
Download this app today and manage your complicated projects from your fingertips!


Puzzle My Picture


Challenge your friends with jigsaw puzzles of your own creation in which the only limitation is your own creativity!

Puzzle My Picture is the new social puzzle game, from iSolutions LLC, which lets you turn your photographs into a variety of challenging jigsaw puzzles for your friends to solve. Compete with them in head-to-head competition but think fast! The first person to finish is the winner with the bragging rights.

Not ready to challenge your friends? Let us pick your opponents for you and get all the practice you want as you rise through the leaderboards solving addictive puzzles of up to 49 pieces. Puzzle myPicture is a colorful game for the keen eye and quick thinker, and best of all; it’s a different challenge every time!

•Create unlimited jigsaw puzzles using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch camera and photo albums!
•Challenge friends or let us pick your opponent for you using Facebook.
•Take turns playing online with several simultaneous games.
•Solve puzzles up to 25, 36, or even 49 pieces and earn better rewards.
•Share your victories with Facebook and Twitter.
•Getting stuck? Give yourself an edge with a few extra puzzle “Tips.”
•Simple and intuitive touch-and-drag controls.
•Beautiful, polished artwork supporting retina display.
•Puzzle pieces stay neatly organized. No clean up required!
•Best of all, you’ll never the same game twice!




Smart auction app is one of the premier auction app in the region.By its unique features and smart solutions, users can add their product any time anywhere they want ,and get in touch with the bidders and allow them to offer you highest price and make your product ,whether it is car sales, antique ,jewellery, or electronics.
Boost the value of your products and get highest price that you need with more bidders who will try to get it
Adzopia main features : for auction by title, category, status.
2.add an auction easily and choose your starting bid amount. selection your highest price allow users to do instant purchase.
4. create your favorite list and get notified one ever those auction closed.
5.choose your starting and ending date for your auction.


Sketching Pad


Sketching Pad is a free drawing program for the iPad that allows you to draw images and diagrams and email them to your friends.

Additional functionality such as enhanced file manipulation options, editing of existing Photos, and additional drawing tools will be added in future versions




DeskMate was made to make your life easier by using the iPad as a supplemental display of information

This is the paid version of DeskMate. This has additional features, is ad free and will receive additional support with future updates.

Great for both work and home and designed to sit on a desk or a nightstand, DeskMate has a load of features that make full use of the iPad as an information display. This allows you to keep working at your desk and get all the information you need at a glance. That way, you can get back to work, be more productive and get more done. It also works great as a full featured clock


Dashboard – A tasks & appointments system. Go about your day knowing exactly what you need to do at a glance, while keeping up with Weather & more!

News – An RSS reader that constantly updates so you can stay up to date with the latest information. WIth our news reader, you won’t be left out of the loop.

Weather – Don’t get caught in the rain! Our weather utility displays forecasts for the week, with current condition updates for changes throughout the day.

Stocks – Keep an eye on your stocks as you go about your day. Never miss an important change in prices again!

Alarms – Set up recurring alarms so you’ll never miss an important event. Even use DeskMate as a nightstand!

and much more!




iMenuTab represents an innovative step for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality establishments that are looking to offer their valued guests an interactive solution to ordering gastronomy, beverages and inhouse services whilst increase customer awareness and loyalty. The traditional printed menu, over time has become inefficient. iMenuTab is designed to be integrate and operate on the iPad that you can use to replace the outdated cardboard paper menus, while providing provide guests with attractive electronic menu board, with full range of products and services in a bright, colourful and appetizing view and accompanies additional interactive services. iMenuTab is designed to be customized to your establishments theme and increase your return on investment.
Setting up your iMenuTab is easy with the intuitive web-browser administration system. Simply log in to the branch management panel, to create menu categories, set up menu items and add fields such as images and descriptions.

The following app is a representation of our demo setup. Please use the following credeintials to access the settings and kitchen view screens


For branch management settings:
username: test password: test

For kitchen view access: username:
view password: view



Cavemen Versus Aliens


hose uppity aliens just come out of the sky and offer some unneeded technology, while demanding that you stop eating meat?

Show that what you think about that … with your club!

– 5 different cavemen to get your (rather blunt) point across
– 15 levels to make sure they get it
– OpenFeint leaderboards to see who’s the cavemanliest of the cavemen




iConverterPlus is a tab bar application that will perform thousands of different unit conversions. This app is simpler and faster than most unit conversion apps on the market. User only has to pick the known unit, type the unit value in the keypad, and press equal button to display every unit conversion in that category. Unit conversion categories and sub-categories are as follows:

* Common Converters
– Mass/Weight
– Pressure
– Power
– Length/Distance
– Temperature
– Time
– Volume/Capacity
– Area
– Angle
– Force
– Velocity
– Energy/Work

* Engineering Converters
– Angular Velocity
– Gas Volume
– Acceleration
– Angular Acceleration
– Interia
– Torque
– Specific Volume
– Density
– Heat Flux Density
– Dynamic Viscosity
– Kinematic Viscosity
– Thermal Conductivity


* Electric Converters
– Conductance
– Conductivity
– Inductance
– Resistance
– Resistivity
– Potential
– Capacitance
– Current
– Charge
– Linear Charge
– Surface Charge
– Volume Charge




the idea of this project that i need to register with the app and you need to
register with the app ,and add funds to my account by Paypal or any other
payment method ,and then i can transfer money from my account to your
account only by sending my user id or by scanning your QR code so if a user
need to pay money to other user no need to send him his paypal account or
payment details .just by scanning QR code the money will be transferred from my
account to your account.


Photo Place


Do not ever bother to remember and sort your photos by the place they were taken?
“PhotoPlace” will do it for you.

Your iPhone saves your photos according to where you took them.
“PhotoPlace” not only indicates the places you took your photos on the map, but also sort them by country, state, and city.


======= Main Features =======

★ Once you download this app, it will organize your photos according to the places you took them.
(It may take up to a few minutes for the first time it sorts every photo in your iPhone. Except for the first time, this app sorts your photos almost instantly)

★ Updating photos
iPhones do not automatically sort your recent photos. Please pull the screen to sort your new photos.

★ Country
This tap organizes your photos by the countries you took them. If you select one of the countries on your list, you can see all the photos taken in the country.

★ State
This tap sorts your photos according to the different states you took your photos.

★ City
This tap sorts your photos according to the different cities you took your photos.

★ Map
This tap shows the places you took your photos on the map.

★ [Setting] You may download the extended version for .99$
☆ Benefits 1) The app sorts not only your photos but also your videos.
☆ Benefits 2) One may lock one’s album with passcodes.
☆ Benefits 3) All advertisements and commercials disappear!


======= Additional info =======

① This app takes up quite a lot of capacities. (If it stops during download, please touch the icon or reboot your iPhone)

② In order to minimize its capacity, the address of few places may not be reflected on the iPhone.

CultStory inc. will try its best to upgrade the app to more convenient versions. Thank you.

If you enjoy “PhotoPlace”, you will probably like “PhotoCal” as well. Search for CultStory on the AppStore and check out other apps from CultStory.


Guess Who Am I?


Guess the pic Which is hidden behind the tiles. Can you beat all of the puzzles in Guess Who Am I?


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